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List of console commands

This list does not contain all commands available in the mod. Since this is a category, a list of all properly documented commands can be found at the very bottom.

Command Parameters Notes
exec filename Executes the given file in your bakkesmod/cfg/ folder
bind keyname "action" Keyname is the key on your controller, keyboard. To find the key, use logkeys
unbind keyname Unbinds the given key
cl_console_logkeys 0|1 1 to log all pressed keys to the console, 0 to disable
writeconfig Writes the bind changes to the config.cfg file
alias aliasname "action" Creates an alias for the given alias name, for example: alias freeplay "loadmap utopia"
sleep 0-10000 Put this between two commands to make it wait for that amount of time before executing the next command.
plugin load|unload|reload pluginname Loads, unloads or reloads the given plugin name
plugin list Lists all the loaded plugins

Free play commands

Command Parameters Notes
sv_soccar_enablegoal 0|1 Enables scoring in freeplay/tutorial modes, defaults to 0
boost set limited|unlimited|amount Amount is a number between 0 and 100
boost add|remove amount Amount is a number between 0 and 100
sv_soccar_gamespeed 0-10 Number (float) to set the speed of the game
ball|player location|velocity|rotation|angularvelocity x y z Sets the ball/player location/velocity/angular velocity to the given x y z values
ball stop Freezes the ball in place.

Default plugin commands



Parameters Notes
rebound_shotspeed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the ball
rebound_addedheight 0-4000 The height to shoot above the backboard (300, 1400) by default
rebound_side_offset 0-4000 The amount of units of which it shoots to the side
rebound_shoot Shoot the rebound


Command Parameters Notes
redirect_shot_speed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the ball
redirect_pass_offset 0-2000 The amount of x and y units it can differ from the prediction
redirect_pass_offset_z 0-5000 The amount of z units it can differ from the prediction
redirect_pass_predict 0|1 Predict where the player will be when the ball arrives, default: 1
redirect_on_ground 0|1 Only give ground passes, default: 0
redirect_predict_multiplier_x 0-50 The amount to multiply the current players x velocity by (for predictions)
redirect_predict_multiplier_y 0-50 The amount to multiply the current players x velocity by (for predictions)
redirect_shoot Shoot the redirect/pass

Workshop plugin (legacy)

Command Parameters Notes
workshop_playlist_next Loads the next shot in the playlist
workshop_playlist_random 0|1 Randomize the order of the workshop playlist
replay_snapshot Creates a snapshot of the current replay

Defender plugin

Command Parameters Notes
defender_start Starts the defender training
defender_stop Stops the defender training
defender_shotspeed 0-2000 The speed to shoot the balls
defender_cooldown 0-10000 The time to wait inbetween shots


Command Parameters Notes
ballontop Places the ball on your roof

KickoffPlugin (disabled)


Parameters Notes
kickoff_load 0-6 Use 0 to load the next in the list, 1-6 to load the given kickoff. Press the ingame reset button to actually load the kickoff.
kickoff_countdown 0-5 The countdowntimer for the kickoff (doesn't work in freeplay, only in the other training modes (rookie aerial training recommended))

TrainingPlugin (legacy)

Commands Parameters Notes
shot_load shotname Loads the given shotname
shot_generate Generates a shot from the loaded shot
shot_reset Resets the current shot
shot_countdowntime 0-5 In training modes, other than free play. The countdowntimer will be this amount
shot_waitbeforeshot 0-5 Wait for the given amount after setting the ball velocity in freeplay (default is 0.5 I believe)
shot_mirror 0|1 Mirrors the current shot

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