BakkesMod has the ability to vary shots in custom training to make every shot slightly different. This has proven benefits in training as it prevents you from learning bounces and input sequences by mind, rather than having to adjust to the always new situation in front of you like in real gameplay.

Usage Edit

The feature is on by default if you install the mod. If you want to turn it on manually you can do it through the checkbox in the BakkesMod interface custom training tab. Alternatively you can use the cvar sv_training_enabled.

Options Edit

You can change the amount of variance per shot through the cvars:

cvar description medium preset unit
sv_training_var_loc ball horizontal starting location (-150, 150) uu
sv_training_var_loc_z ball vertical starting location (-20, 100) uu
sv_training_var_rot rotation of the ball trajectory (-2.5,2.5) %
sv_training_var_speed ball velocity at start (-5, 5) %
sv_training_var_spin ball angular velocity at start (-6, 6) rad/s
sv_training_var_car_loc car starting location 0 uu
sv_training_var_car_rot car starting rotation 0 %
sv_training_player_velocity car starting velocity 0 uu/s

There are quicksetting presets for very low, low, medium, and high variance found in the very first tab of the BakkesMod interface.

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