Cvars are the global variables of the mod. Or in more simple terms, cvars are your settings, but they don't have to be permanent settings.

"sv_soccar_gravity" for example, is tied to the current open (offline) game. If you change the gravity setting, go to the main menu, and then go back to freeplay, gravity will be default again. Others like "cl_goalreplay_pov" will be persist across games.

Any change of the BakkesMod configuration made through the console will be lost when you close Rocket League unless you open and close the GUI once or call the command


This will only save permanent cvars.

Attributes Edit

Default value Edit

Every cvar has a default value. When the mod starts up, this is the value the cvar will have initally. However, it will be overwritten, if the cvar has a saved user setting in the config.cfg file in the bakkesmod/cfg folder.

Limits Edit

A cvar can have a minimum or maximum value (or both). If the user attempts to set a value outside of that range, then the mod will clamp it to the allowed range.

Saveable Edit

Only cvars with this attribute will get saved to the config.cfg via "writeconfig".

Modification Edit

Modification of any cvar can be done through the console.

cvar_name desired_value

In that sense, every cvar is also a console command.

Randomness Edit

A numerical cvar (int, float, bool) does not have to be a static number. Instead, you can provide a range from which the mod will take a random uniform sample every time it accesses the cvar. For example

sv_training_limitboost (0,100)

will give you a random amount of boost between 0 and 100 (inclusively) on every shot attempt in custom training.

GUI Edit

The majority of cvars can be modified through the graphical user interface. The name of the cvar is not shown in the user interface and randomness might not be possible depending on the setting.

List of all cvars Edit

Since this is a category, a list of all properly documented cvars is at the bottom. Cvars may also be found in the list of all console commands.

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