Configuration Edit

This page will describe how to configure BakkesMod, both inside the game and outside.

Bakkesmod uses a configuration system that works like the console in source engine games. You can change variables by either typing them in the ingame console (Press the tilde key) or by editing .cfg files.

Console Edit

To open the console, press the tilde key (~). A red box will popup where you can type any of the listed cvars.

Config files Edit

The configuration files can be found in the /bakkesmod/cfg folder. You can create a file with any name. The default used config files are config.cfg for keybindings and autoexec.cfg for all other configuration. When the mod loads, it will first execute the config and then the autoexec file.

By default, the config.cfg file contains the following text:

bind Equals toggleconsole

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Right "workshop_playlist_next"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Up "shot_reset"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Left "rebound_shoot"

bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Down "redirect_shoot"

bind 1 "redirect_shoot"

bind 2 "rebound_shoot"

bind 3 "shot_reset"

bind 4 "workshop_playlist_next"

Things to know Edit

Whenever a parameter is a number, you can use the (lowerbound, upperbound) notation for randomization, for example redirect_shotspeed (1200, 1400), or even shot_mirror (0, 1)

To execute multiple commands with one key, you can just add them after each other using the ; separator, for example bind X "ball location 0 0 200; sleep (300, 900); ball velocity 300 300 300;"

List of available console commands Edit

You can find them here.