There has been success running BakkesMod via Steam Proton, with some minor exceptions. The BakkesMod UI does not work, meaning that many commands need to be performed through the BakkesMod console. Most functionality is still available and BakkesMod plugins can be installed as well.

The first step is to verify that you can run commands in the Proton instance of Wine. Errors at this step can occur due to a conflict from existing Wine settings via the ~/.wine directory.

Someone may have a better approach (if you are currently using wine frequently and have made config changes, you may not want to do this), whereas I just removed the ~/.wine directory all together and ran

env WINEPREFIX="~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/252950/pfx" ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 4.11/dist/bin/wine64 winecfg

This initialized ~/.wine and opened up the configuration pane. There were some custom entries in the Application Settings panel "Bayonetta.exe, NewColossus_x64k.exe" that I think are unique to proton. If this works, you can close winecfg and continue.

Next to install vc_redist.x86.exe

env WINEPREFIX="~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/252950/pfx" WINEESYNC=1 ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 4.11/dist/bin/wine64 vc_redist.x86.exe

Some concerning looking logs will be churned out from wine at this time, but as of yet it seems to install correctly after this. Installing & Injecting BakkesMod

env WINEPREFIX="~/.steam/steam/steamapps/compatdata/252950/pfx" WINEESYNC=1 ~/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Proton\ 4.11/dist/bin/wine64 BakkesMod.exe

Enable Console input & Control

In the BakkesMod conf file (config.cfg) The options you need to enable are:

  • cl_console_enabled "1"
  • cl_console_toggleable "1"

Additional notes:

Todo: Try without ESYNC (possible better performance without video syncing)

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