Shot files Edit

This page will explain how shot files are setup and how you can customize them.

The files Edit

Filetype Edit

Shot files are located in "[STEAMFOLDER]\steamapps\common\rocketleague\Binaries\Win32\bakkesmod\shots". Since the shots are in JSON format, the extensions for the shot files are .json.

Loading shots Edit

Shots can be loaded using the console or cfg files. To load a shot, it needs to be placed in the above mentioned folder, then type in the console: "load shot shotname". This will load the file shotname.json.

After the file is loaded, you can use "shot_generate", this will generate a new shot internally (by picking random values from the shot files). Now the shot is fully loaded into memory and can be set. To actually execute the shot ingame use "shot_reset".

To make the process of creating a shot faster, it is recommended to use the following config file (save it as shotcreator.cfg):

shot_load shotname



bind XboxTypeS_DPad_Right "exec shotcreator"

This will fully reload a shot from the file and load it in to memory which makes it easier to debug shots.

The format Edit

There are multiple ways in which a shot can be set up. Namely using a startpoint with a velocity or using a startpoint and an endpoint. (A third option is using shootongoal but that shouldn't be used)

This page will first describe some basic info about setting up shots and then go into detail on the different types of shots.