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The cvar determines whether variance in custom training is enabled. When variance is enabled, each custom training shot will be made different in terms of location, rotation, velocity, ..., by a random amount within the set limits of the cvars:

cvar description medium preset unit
sv_training_var_loc ball horizontal starting location (-150, 150) uu
sv_training_var_loc_z ball vertical starting location (-20, 100) uu
sv_training_var_rot rotation of the ball trajectory (-2.5,2.5) %
sv_training_var_speed ball velocity at start (-5, 5) %
sv_training_var_spin ball angular velocity at start (-6, 6) rad/s
sv_training_var_car_loc car starting location 0 uu
sv_training_var_car_rot car starting rotation 0 %
sv_training_player_velocity car starting velocity 0 uu/s

Attributes Edit

Default value Min Max Saveable
1 0 1 true

Usage Edit

To turn on variance in custom training, open the console and type

sv_training_enabled 1

If you put 0 instead of 1, it will turn variance off (default RL behaviour).

The cvar can be toggled on and off with the toggle command:

toggle sv_training_enabled 0 1

This can be bound to a key through the user interface or with the bind command:

bind T "toggle sv_training_enabled 0 1"
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